Speedo Air Seal Tri Swim Goggle Review

Speedo Air Seal Tri Goggles

Popular with triathletes and open water swimmers, the Speedo Air Seal Tri is a good value. The frame is very light and the field of vision is wider than many competition-type goggles. Ratings from open water swimmers have been good to date. U.V. protection is standard. The mirror coating helps to reduce outside glare.

They come in black with a gold mirrored lens and in a white or “ice” color frame with a smoke lens.

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Engine Weapon Goggle Review

Engine is a goggle designer and manufacturer, located in Australia, with a very exciting line of competition and training goggles. Though less known in the U.S., they have quite an international following. One of the nice features of the Weapon goggle is that it comes with four different nose bridges. This allows the swimmer to tailor the width between the eyes to get a custom fit.

Very streamlined swim goggles, they are designed for racing and serious training. The injection-molded silicone rim technology creates a comfortable water tight seal. The Weapon Goggle provides U.V protection and comes with an extra strap.

The Weapon comes in a variety of colors with clear or mirrored lenses.

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Tusa Liberator Prescription Goggle Review

Tusa has offered a Prescription Swim Goggle solution for quite a while. The Tusa Liberator prescription approach uses replacement lenses, purchased separately for your prescription (can be different for each eye), to replace the regular lenses that come with the Liberator standard goggles.

The corrective lenses are available in diopter strengths from -2.0 through -7.0 in 0.5 increments. They have an anti-fog coating and are U.V. protective. They come in a smoke tint as well.

The Tusa Liberator prescription approach lets you put together a customized pair of corrective goggles at a reasonable price.

I use a pair of these myself and they do an accurate job of correcting my vision and are comfortable.

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Barracuda B300 Fog Resistant Goggle Review

Barracuda B300 Goggles

The Barracuda line of Swim Goggles has a loyal following for many reasons. Swimmers replenish their favorite Barracuda model many times, over many years, after they wear them out through constant use.

Some get so much use Barracuda sells repair kits (so their fans can fix them and jump back in the pool).

The Barracuda B300 has been around for quite a while and some might consider it “old school” as it doesn’t come in flashy colors or get redesigned every year. Its beauty is in its reliability, quality and great seal.

Often used by triathletes, The B300 uses Barracuda’s Positive Pressure system to keep water out and is fog resistant.

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Aqua Sphere Seal XP Swim Mask Review

Aqua Sphere Seal XP Swim Mask

The Seal XP Swim Mask is a hybrid of the Classic Seal Swim Mask and the Kaiman goggle. It features a low profile contoured frame, but what makes the Seal XP unique is a skirt which rests on the bones above and below the eye socket giving it a great seal without sucking your eyes out. In other words, no raccoon eyes. The Seal XP is very comfortable and offers great peripheral vision.

One of the great features of this goggle is that it provides 100% UVA and UVB protection.

The lenses of this beauty are both scratch resistant and pretreated with an anti fog barrier.

The straps adjust quickly. So quick in fact, that you can affix these babies to your face while running from the Russian mafia, just before jumping off a cliff to escape into your underwater submarine. Oh wait, that’s James Bond. But they do adjust quickly.

This goggle is also latex free.

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Aqua Sphere Seal Mask Review

Aqua Sphere Seal Mask

The Aqua Sphere Seal Mask is popular with triathletes because of the wide range of vision, comfort, and ease with which it slides on. This is truly a swim mask and not a swim goggle.

The Kids Seal Mask is great for the same reasons; it lets children see clearly around them and they are easy to put on and take off. Kids can spend a lot of time getting traditional goggles “just right” as their parents know. The Seal Mask lets them spend more time swimming and less time adjusting straps.

It comes in clear, tinted and mirrored versions. I have some that have held up very well over several years, simply hung on a rack outside, or laying around the pool deck. Very durable.

I live near the ocean and other bodies of water and it is nice to keep a pair around for body surfing or just looking around under the surface when the opportunity arises.

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