Barracuda HydroBat Swim Goggle

Barracuda Hydrobat Goggle

I have always liked the Barracuda brand, because of their products, but also because of their commitment to quality and service. This particular HydroBat Swim Goggle ‘completes’ the eye socket which reduces drag around the face.

I find the HydroBat stays in place exceptionally well. Jumping in, diving or turning, they stay put. Barracuda talks about their “positive pressure seal” but I think that simply means they don’t leak in layman’s terms. The field of vision is fairly narrow, but very clear when looking straight ahead.

Like all Barracuda products the quality is great and they hold up well over time. Barracuda sells replacement parts for their products.

The lenses come with Anti-Fog treatment and they come in several colors including mirrored.

The HydroBat has a “wishbone” nose bridge system that can be adjusted to allow for various face shapes and sizes. I found the double strap to be easy to adjust and it holds the goggle firmly in place.

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Speedo HydroShade Kid’s Swim Goggles

Now I can’t say I have tried these personally but kids who have tell us they have a blast with these Speedo HydroShade Goggles. Sort of like shoes with flashing lights, or t-shirts that change color in the sun, kids love things that surprise. When these goggles go out in the sun, the white parts of the frame change to a purple color almost instantly on the blue goggle and to a pink color on the pink Hydroshade goggle. Everything about the HydroShade is kid friendly; soft comfortable frame, really easy to adjust strap that lets mom and dad do something at the pool other than adjust their child’s strap tension all day, and good durability. Kids 3-8 years old don’t always take good care of their swim equipment so you want something that is going to last a while.

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Speedo HydroSpex2 Goggle Review

Speedo Hydrospex2 Goggles

The Speedo HydroSpex2 Swim Goggle is not fancy, but I like it as a goggle that you can throw in your swim bag or as an extra pair to keep in the suitcase for the hotel pool. For the price it is a pretty good value. The frame is all one piece without the adjustable nose pieces found on higher priced goggles. But it will fit the average face in most cases. It has the typical split strap found in lower priced goggles but the adjusters work nicely. The strap is silicone and the lenses are Lexan so they hold up well without a lot of extra care. UV protection and anti-fog coating as usual. This is a good choice for recreational swimmers.

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Barracuda H2Rx Prescription Swim Goggles Review

Barracuda H2Rx Prescription Swim Goggles

Compared to its peers, the Barracuda prescription goggle is wildly comfortable and doesn’t mark the undereyes like so many models do.

As a nearsighted swimmer, I like being able to see clearly, but also being able to get a reasonably-priced prescription without a lot of hassle. For most people, the left and right eye are similar in terms of the diopter needed, so buying a “fixed strength” swim goggle, rather than goggles where you buy the left and right lens independently, is a good deal. The Barracuda H2Rx Prescription Swim Goggle fits this approach.

This goggle is available in diopters of -1.5 to -10.0 which should cover the vast majority of swimmers. The goggle comes in a blue lens with blue frame or a smoke lens with black frame. It comes with 3 different nose bridges which allows for a lot of adjustment for face shape and size.

The quality is typical of Barracuda, with a great seal. The strap is a double type strap which stays in place better during turns and push-offs.

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