Aqua Sphere Vista Mask Review

Aqua Sphere Vista Mask

Recently, I came upon the Vista Swim Goggle (made by Aqua Sphere). The Vista goggle is unlike any other goggle I have tried. It has a wider lens and skirt than most goggles, so it stays firmly in place. In fact, the goggle’s gasket creates a tremendous amount of suction – I actually found it slightly difficult to remove (the skirt of the goggle must be peeled away from the face in order to break the suction).

I was impressed by the performance of the Vista goggle as well as the quality of craftsmanship. The straps are super easy to use. I have had no problem making adjustments (this can even be done while you’re wearing the goggle – it’s so easy!)

Aqua Sphere has also taken several steps to ensure that their goggles are the best on the market. They use specialized materials (Softeril and Plexisol) in the manufacture of their goggles, which are far better than conventional glass and plastic goggle materials.

Although the goggle is available in a women’s style and a small-fit frame, I went with the original Vista goggle which is offered in tons of colors. Vista comes in clear, smoke, and blue lenses. The tinted lens version is fantastic for swimming outside in the intense Florida sunshine.

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