Barracuda HydroBat Swim Goggle

Barracuda Hydrobat Goggle

I have always liked the Barracuda brand, because of their products, but also because of their commitment to quality and service. This particular HydroBat Swim Goggle ‘completes’ the eye socket which reduces drag around the face.

I find the HydroBat stays in place exceptionally well. Jumping in, diving or turning, they stay put. Barracuda talks about their “positive pressure seal” but I think that simply means they don’t leak in layman’s terms. The field of vision is fairly narrow, but very clear when looking straight ahead.

Like all Barracuda products the quality is great and they hold up well over time. Barracuda sells replacement parts for their products.

The lenses come with Anti-Fog treatment and they come in several colors including mirrored.

The HydroBat has a “wishbone” nose bridge system that can be adjusted to allow for various face shapes and sizes. I found the double strap to be easy to adjust and it holds the goggle firmly in place.

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