Speedo Bullet Goggles Review

Speedo Bullet Goggles

The Speedo Bullets have been the talk of the pool for a while now. They’re different from most goggles in that they have an “accordian-like” gasket (they call it Elastomeric) that has folds in it. When you wear these Speedo goggles, the folds bend and stretch to fit your face.

I found the Bullets to be a little on the narrow side. If your face is pretty wide, you probably won’t be able to wear these, but might be able to wear the MDR 2.4s which also have the Elastomeric gaskets, but are a little bigger. I was able to get a great seal. I even heard the air squeaking out as I pressed them on.

Even though they were very comfortable, I’ve worn more comfortable models. However, I thought they were a great goggle for the price and had no leak issues.

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