Speedo Rift Pro Goggle

The Speedo Rift Pro goggle seems to be one of many in a new “oversized” goggle category. This type of swim goggle often features a larger frame with soft gaskets and enhanced peripheral vision. Ideally, this type of goggle is meant for swim practice. The main focus of the goggle seems to be comfort. As such, it would be best suited for athletes in need of a comfortable, long-wearing practice goggle.

The Speedo Rift Pro is definitely an attractive-looking goggle. Although it is larger than a traditional competition goggle, the Rift Pro goggle still offers a low-profile fit. Its shape contours the face nicely and allows for a wide field of vision – making this goggle an excellent option for recreational and open-water swimmers as well. The frame is a one-piece design with easy pliability. The gaskets are large enough for a bigger-than-average face but contoured enough to accommodate a smaller-than-average face, meaning that the Speedo Rift Pro is a highly versatile design.

The available mirrored lens provides terrific bright-light visibility and crisp, clear vision underwater.

Although less suited for competition, it seems that the Speedo Rift Pro goggle offers both comfort and style for long practice sessions and open-water swims.

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