Tusa Geminus Mask Review

Tusa Geminus Snorkel Mask

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to the Florida Keys for some snorkeling and various other water sports. I took out my new Tusa Geminus Snorkel Mask (and Tusa’s Platina Hyperdry II Snorkel) for a test-run. Here are my thoughts on the mask:

The Tusa brand is a trusted leader in snorkeling and diving equipment with everything from masks and wetsuits to regulators and diving knives. As such, I already had faith in their ability to design and create an effective snorkel mask, but giving it a try in the open ocean was a must. To begin, the mask and accompanying snorkel – although sold separately – were integrative and quite easy to set up without the instruction manual. Once I was in the water, I found the mask to provide excellent underwater vision (ideal if you want to see any fish!).

I did not have any major issues with fogging, but you should anticipate this type of potential problem with any mask or goggle. If you are planning to snorkel in deep water or over delicate coral, you should definitely apply some anti-fog solution beforehand so that you won’t have to remove or adjust the mask at all. I was able to tread water while adjusting or clearing my mask, but this may not be ideal for everyone.

Although this site is dedicated to goggles, I think I should mention that the snorkel was one of the best that I have tried. It truly performed as I expected – blocking water from entering the snorkel from any angle. After diving to the bottom, I also found the Platina Hyperdry II to be ridiculously easy to clear. (It features two purge valves to make clearing simple.) Usually, I have issues with snorkel mouthpieces as well because my jaw tends to get tired after a while. This snorkel, however, made for a truly amazing experience. With nothing to preoccupy me, I was able to enjoy the beauty of Florida’s reef systems.

My only complaint is that the mask was a tad large for my face. If you consider yourself to have a smaller-than-average face, you may want to check out the junior version of the Tusa mask (these come in a set with both mask and snorkel). Although only a bit of water entered my mask, it was enough to make me consider a smaller mask.

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