Tusa Liberator Prescription Goggle Review

Tusa has offered a Prescription Swim Goggle solution for quite a while. The Tusa Liberator prescription approach uses replacement lenses, purchased separately for your prescription (can be different for each eye), to replace the regular lenses that come with the Liberator standard goggles.

The corrective lenses are available in diopter strengths from -2.0 through -7.0 in 0.5 increments. They have an anti-fog coating and are U.V. protective. They come in a smoke tint as well.

The Tusa Liberator prescription approach lets you put together a customized pair of corrective goggles at a reasonable price.

I use a pair of these myself and they do an accurate job of correcting my vision and are comfortable.

One thought on “Tusa Liberator Prescription Goggle Review

  1. Michael,I m glad it all worked out but im sure you would have done just fine wohtiut them too! Great job with your swimming!!!!!

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